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2 Reasons Why This Site Was Made!

Our B-School journey is tough and we’re dying but we can still help each other in our MBA prep journey!

There are two purposes this site serves:

  1. The General Purpose
  2. The Purpose Specifically For Me

The General Purpose

To capture the B-School Journey of all those who are interested in gaining a collaborative, mutually supportive, and positive goal setting environment in which everyone has the opportunity to share their experiences towards achieving their dream of getting into a great Business School while keeping their identities anonymous.

Often times we want to share our daily efforts towards our MBA prep journey with someone for an extra dose of motivation.

Wouldn’t it be GREAT if you could find someone who is as passionate as you are towards getting into a great Business School by taking GMAT/GRE/CAT?

Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if you could share your plans, daily goals, weekly goals, monthly targets, your fears, anxieties, worries, corporate workload, work-stress, etc. with someone who can understand the pains of an MBA prep journey?

Wouldn’t you feel FANTASTIC when you see pictures of Stanford GSB and IIM Calcutta and get charged up once again to go back to studying with full vigor again?

MBA prep journey. GMAT/ GRE/CAT prep. IT Consulting to B-School.

Haven’t you felt the need for someone who could be your support system in this tough odyssey of getting into a great B-School?

And in this journey, would you like to share your experiences while still keeping your identities anonymous to the world?

Well, even if you have a single YES to the questions above, this site is for you!

If you’d like to know how can you share your stories here, you’ll have to scroll a little more. But first let me finish the 2nd purpose of this website.

The Purpose Specifically For Me

I work as an IT Consultant for Capgemini and I help the aviation subsidiary of one the largest conglomerates in the world to take business decisions based on the data available. Because my job is pretty demanding plus I’ve my family with all the uncertainties that life throws up, it becomes a little difficult for me to focus on my MBA entrance test preparation. I think if I can post my daily goals on this website and track them here when my goals are available to the entire world, I’d feel much more compulsive towards my readers as a duty to not let them go empty-handed at the end of the day without a good story to read about my MBA prep journey.

Now you may naturally ask, “You could have easily shared your story on YouTube or any other social networking site then why this website?”.

Well, there are a few reasons for that:

  • I did not want to reveal my identity to anyone on social networking sites and I’m not someone who’d make a fake ID/account.
  • At this point in time, I don’t have the time to record a perfect video (anonymously), edit it and then post it on the web.
  • Noting my experiences here in this format would not only help me in bringing a sense of compulsion to update my readers about my preparation but it could also help me in my interview process.
  • This would help in my AWA and Essays for my target B-School.

Now, if my text above makes sense to you, and if you’re still wondering if you too can be a part of this amazing thought-provoking journey – consider posting your experiences and daily targets here. You may now read further to know the answer to the previously unanswered question. By the way, you can know more about Stanford GSB and IIM Calcutta by visiting their websites.

How can you share your stories on this website?

Just send an email to and I’ll get your story live here within the next 48 hours (Will try to post it even faster!). So, grab your thoughts, frustrations, happiness, and anything that you’d like the world to know about your B-School journey – anonymously. I promise, your identity would remain a secret between just you and me (Moreover, there’s a great chance that I may not know you personally and that I may never see your face in this lifetime.)

So, get started, move the wheel of your studies towards your dream Business School and show to the world that you are something!

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