Day 10: B-School Odyssey! – Compromised With New Mock, Last Mock Analysis Because I Wanted Quick Money To Be Able To Quit Job.

After testing it for several times now, I’ve realized that I won’t be able to make a significant amount of money online this quick and that I’ll have to continue my job. Today was perhaps my last day when I compromised with the new mock and last mock analysis because I wanted quick money to be able to quit my job.

Later during the evening I helped my Mom in household activities but then too I was able to pull 3 hours and 20 minutes of work – all dedicated towards making money online before June 30th. I fixed a vulnerability on one of my sites and though I wouldn’t call it a waste of time but again it wasn’t the best use of my time. Here are the stats:

I’ve finally decided to put in just 2 hours of work on making money online – AGAIN! – But this time I won’t be carried away.

I did zero studies towards getting into Stanford GSB and IIM Calcutta this weekend and I regret it. This time won’t come back ever!

Targets for tomorrow –

I’d like to keep my targets as per the post of Day 6 but following the schedule won’t be easy as right now it’s 4:01 a.m. and according to the schedule I need to start studying by 7 a.m. Very tough – OR – Very Easy?

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