B-School Odyssey - 3 Questions

Day 11: B-School Odyssey! – 3 Quant Questions for you…

So from my Day 10’s Post, you know that I was awake and doing my work until a few minutes past 4 a.m. I was a little skeptical about waking up at 6 a.m. and about being ready to get back to studies by 7 a.m. in the morning. To my surprise, I couldn’t wake up until 11 a.m.! But I could study Quant for the GMAT today for 1 hour and I’ve got 3 important questions for you today. Before I proceed with the post, here are my stats for today:

As you can see in the stats above, I lost around 4 precious hours in the morning today and I decided not to blog and instead wanted to utilize that time towards my studies. After slogging at the office till 9 p.m., as soon as I brought my personal laptop for studying, I experienced a power cut at my home. There was no electricity and hence WIFI wasn’t available. Moreover, practicing LRDI and Quant on a notebook was tough (without electricity). Thus, I decided to connect my laptop to my mobile hotspot and started remediating vulnerabilities on my website.

There’s another coincidence in the story – as soon as I remediated a vulnerability on one of my sites, the electric power came back! Thus, I worked on my blog for some time and after the electricity was up – I started studying Quant videos. Here are three important questions for you:

Question 1:

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