Day 18: B-School Odyssey! Back After No Studies for 6 days…

Hey folks! I’m sorry to disappoint you by not posting my B-School Odyssey’s Days here for the last 6 days. The reasons were my grandfather’s illness, procrastination and my laziness. Today is 29th June, 2020 and I’ve started again.

The office is going to get tougher. The large aviation client whom I work for had two vendors earlier – Capgemini and Genpact to handle Operations and Development works respectively. Now I’ve been informed that 2 team members in my team including me have to handle both Operations and Development for 2 technologies – Endeca and OBIEE. Boy. this probably would be the most challenging work for me in my entire IT Consulting career so far!

Corona Virus made me understand one thing about my bosses and leadership – All they care about is making money. The moment they won’t need me, they’ll kick me out of the project. I recently got to know that I was about to get kicked out of the project but because I handled a very critical upgrade I was retained. Now I think, if my management is self centered, why should I care for them – I should also up-skill myself and make a switch ASAP. The only thing that is holding me back is my B-School Odyssey.

Coming back to what did I do today for studies –

  1. I sat for around 15 minutes for going through the Quant Videos that I have. From a total of 18 hours video content approximately, I’ve now finished 1 hour from it. I’m still lagging behind and my planning looks to be going in vain…
  2. I’ll now start GMAT Verbal Videos.

I’ll catch you later in the same post before going to bed today….

New Learning: Avoid Gerunds (ing verb forms) and long sentences in sentence correction. Prefer short choices without gerunds.

Correct answer is option e.

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