Day 19: B-School Odyssey!

Okay folks, I wasn’t able to continue my Day 18 after the morning session as I was loaded with a lot of office activities. At office, now we’ve got 2 weeks of time (effectively only 10 days excluding weekends) to learn development work for Endeca and OBIEE. Our large aviation client in United States is not doing good in this Corona infected world and so we’re being crushed up against a ton of work with limited man power. The Genpact Dev team that is going to get released had 5 developers. Now the Development work will be taken over by Capgemini and there are just two resources to get work done, including me. So basically the equation is – the work of 7 people will be done by just 2 people and that too with almost zero development experience.

I woke up at 8 in the morning today and took bath, exercised and prayed. It is 9:51 a.m. right now and today is the last day of June i.e. 30th June…and both my GMAT and CAT courses have not been completed.

17 hours of Quant videos + around 8 hours of Verbal videos, together with the GMAT Official Guide and all the CAT Mocks are still remaining, Will they be completed by at least July end? Only time will tell…

Folks its 22:24 hours on June 30, 2020. I now realized that only 20 weekends are left before CAT and I need to complete all mocks that I purchased + All the previous year papers. The number of mocks that I have is 30 of which I have taken 2 already but analyzed none. The past year papers are 26 in number. I think, I should dedicate my entire time to mocks as my first priority.

So from now on, here are my priorities in order:

  1. Take a mock every Saturday and analyse it on the same day (I’m not taking Sunday as I have office work during weekend activities mostly on Sundays) and analyse the mock on Saturday itself.
  2. On Sundays, revise every previous mock taken so far + revise Quant Videos + GMAT Verbal videos
  3. I’ll blog only for 1 hour from now on – whether the article finishes or not. Moreover, I’ll blog only when I complete at least 5 hours of study in a day. There might be lesser updates here now but I’ll make sure that at least, I post my targets for the next day and the achievements made during the day here.
  4. My other websites are going to get hit by this and the extra work at office but I don’t have any other choice but this.

My Targets for tomorrow:

  1. Wake up at 6 a.m. and post here before 6:30 a.m. that I’m ready.
  2. Finish the analysis of Mock CAT 1 – try to do as much as you can in 5 hours.

See you in the morning tomorrow…

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