Day 4: B-School Odyssey | Procrastination and Promise

Folks, I regret to write that I did not follow my schedule in the morning and started my mock late last Sunday. Moreover, I wasted my entire Sunday after taking the Mock. My conscience kept telling me time and again that this time is not for procrastinating, that this time should not be wasted, that this time is not for blogging, that this time is just for analyzing the mock, that this time won’t ever come back!

But, I decided to ignore my conscience like a fool. Already, I lacked 9 hours post 5:22 p.m. on Sunday for a proper mock analysis but even then, I just procrastinated like a slacker. There was one more reason why I did not start studying after taking the mock – an accomplished Bollywood actor’s suicide. Actor Shushant Singh Rajput was found hanging in his home and I just couldn’t stop myself to find out the reason as to why did he do so – this, in turn, led me to write Why Did Shushant Singh Rajput Commit Suicide – Do We Have A Clue?

I’m sorry folks!

I should get my priorities right if I wish to score a 100 %ile in both GMAT and CAT.

I promise you folks –

  1. That I will not deviate from my schedule going forward.
  2. That I will not spend more than 2 hours for blogging (or for any digital marketing related activity for that matter) as now I’ve just got around 4 months of time before the exams.
  3. That I will remember the ROI I’m going to get after passing out of Stanford GSB or IIM Calcutta.

For getting into Stanford GSB or IIM Calcutta just close your eyes and envision that dream of ‘Life After the B-School’ & motivate yourself. This motivation could be anything, any change in the society’s viewpoint towards you and your family, any honor, anything. I don’t care even if you just dream of a 50 Lac package from IIM Calcutta or a $100,000 salary job after graduating from Stanford GSB – but just dream something to keep you motivated.


“When destiny gives you the opportunity to showcase yourself to the world,
it also gives you a pre-counted number of days to prepare for the show.
It asks an upfront cost in terms of every drop of sweat and body pains form you,
But the profit it gives in return, know for sure, is limitless!”

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