Day 40: B-School Odyssey! Gap of 15 Days | Procrastination | Grandpa’s Demise | Rituals

Hello Everyone!

From July 6 to July 10, I procrastinated on my studies and instead went on to develop my 3rd website. During this time, my Grandpa was also not keeping on well – he was just discharged from hospital on July 9th was looking very happy – asked me to shake hands with him – did a cool hand dance while he was lying in the bed – and I thought he been cured 100%. The very next evening when I had already extended one and a half-hour of work at the office, my uncle came to me and told me that my Grandpa’s health has deteriorated further. I quickly finished my work and went on to see him… He was taking short breaths and for the first time in life, I had seen him that way. It was the first time in life I felt as if he’s about to go. I had seen a similar breathing pattern when my pets passed away and I was worried. Soon my Grandpa seemed to be sleeping but with difficulty in breathing…

I went to the medical store to get some medicines for him with my uncle and while we were returning, my uncle’s cell phone rang. It was my brother’s call who was attending my grandpa at home. My uncle screamed – “He’s gone”, without even picking up the phone.

We quickly rushed back to home with medicines in my hands. My grandpa seemed to have gone but soon he started breathing again. We realized that the chances of his survival are very less. I was asked to pour some Ganga Jal (Pure Ganges Holy Water) in his mouth. I poured the Ganga Jal in his mouth and he turned his mouth around and moved his lips a bit to take that sip. Unfortunately, that was his last sip.

It was a soul crushing experience for us… I can’t continue this story further.

Coming back to my studies, I’ll take my 3rd mock today and will post the results, maybe before going to bed tonight…

More to come… Time right now: 9:13 a.m. July 21st 2020.

Okay folks, the time now is 23:26 and here are my mock scores:

Frankly writing, I’m fed up of scoring between 50 and 75 percentiles. I lack time now to finish my almost 18 hours of videos for quant and about 8 hours of videos on Verbal. I’ll sit and I’ll spare time during weekends to get this done.

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