Day 69: B-School Odyssey! 73 Days Remaining…

I have been pretty inconsistent for all these days. I don’t know if I’ll be able to crack CAT in November or GMAT by December/January. Whatever it is I do not want to extend my GMAT prep farther than March. As far as CAT is concerned, I have just 73 days remaining until October 31st.

During these days, I’ve also realized that I can’t perform better if I’m not living for my happiness. I have been planning to launch my own YouTube channel since October 2019. It is just about an year now and till today there has not been even a single video release. I realized that making YouTube videos can make me happy and would give me the boost to perform better. Back in the days I was a kid, I used to play cricket and that gave me happiness and a boost to study. How a boost to study – because it wasn’t studying that I was doing all the time. Now too, I’ve decided to do. along with my studies and office, the things I really want to do.

Thus, I’ll launch my YouTube Channel (I’m not gonna share my channel name here as I’d like to keep my identity secret – at least for now) this weekend. I’ll also religiously post at least one article on my other blog + a YouTube video every weekend. This way I’ll keep my passion still alive.

The time right now is 23:49 p.m. on Aug 19, 2020. I’ll go back and analyse my MSM 3’20 now…at least for 5 min.

I’ll wake up at 5 a.m. tomorrow and will post my morning greetings.

I’ve left everything else on the almighty now… As GITA says – “Do your work and not worry about results.” I believe my lord would choose the best result for me and thus I’m leaving everything to him… As of now, I plan to take a mock tomorrow from 7-10 a.m. Office is also getting tougher but I surrender myself to the almighty.

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