Day 74: B-School Odyssey! Reverse Count – 68 Days Remaining…

Hi folks! Today for most of the day, I could live in the divine consciousness of the lord and I’ve surrendered everything onto him.

I studied for around an hour in the morning and completed the LR DI section of my 3rd Mock for CAT. The time right now is 22:30 exactly and I’m feeling super tired after my office. But since I’m serving my lord, I’ll continue…

Target till 12 a.m. is to :

  • Finish the remaining QA questions analysis.
  • Revise this 3rd Mock CAT
  • If time remains, revise P&C funda book.

I’ll post again before going to bed.

Okay folks – the time now is 12:24 a.m. on Aug 25. I couldn’t stop myself for pushing a little more than the midnight. None of the above targets were completed today (technically yesterday according to Georgian Calendar). Still 10 minutes of video solution to MSM3’20 is remaining but at some point in time, I’ll have to learn to respect time.

What did I learn in the late evening session?

Well, I revised my forgotten concept of how to check a prime umber.

I hope to see you tomorrow morning between 5 and 5:30 a.m. – of course, if I wake up on time.

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