Sectional Mock Score Card Mock 4 2020

Day 79: B-School Odyssey! Reverse Count – 64 Days Remaining…

Hi Folks! Finally today, I was able to wake up and get out of bed at 4:40 a.m. I’ll start my mock 4 today shortly and I’ll post my results in the same post before going to bed.

Today’s targets:

  • Take the mock.
  • Analyse the mock

See you soon after the mock…

Result of the mock:

The first block shows my score and the block below it shows the scores other high performers.

So folks, as you can see in my scores above, I did not do well at all in this mock. There were a few reasons for it (apart from my lack of funda and execution gap). The first reason for it was that I did not take the entire mock the same day. Out of 180 minutes, I had already finished 95 minutes of the mock last week (Since there was a distraction, I could not complete the entire mock and I lacked the stamina to sit for 180 minutes straight).

Now to compensate this, I took a sectional test of Verbal ability and then resumed this mock half way through. The featured image on this post shows my score for the sectional verbal section that I took separately today before resuming my half mock. This way I still ensured that I sat for at least 2.5 hours for the mock.

Certainly, this is an awful score to get. Neither the sectional nor the mock went well for me. I had a target to score 75 marks in VA, at least 36 marks in LRDI and at least 75 marks in QA. I definitely lack the required knowledge and practice to get to this threshold for now.

My next target is to analyze this mock and re-attempt it followed by the funda book revision for a few hours. I’ve planned to give myself 2 days for this. Revision of the bookmarked questions will also help me. I have only 64 days remaining and there’s nothing else I can do other than taking all the mocks that I have with me.

I did not waste a lot of time today but had a few hours of life discussion with my family – this too is important for life in the long run. I would also say that I did waste at least 2 hours listening to music. I’ve now decided to set a parental control timer on my cell phone’s YouTube app as it wastes a lot of my precious time. The vicious circle of getting enticed by the next video suggestion never ends.

I did not record my number of hours during the mock today. I hope to record my study hours now and if so, I’ll post the screenshot for today’s hours put in by me before going to bed.

The time right now is 20:58 p.m. and I am getting a strong urge to work on my other blog right now but since the time allocated for it went with family time and music time on YouTube, I’ll have to resist it and again surrender myself in the service of the almighty.

Hope to see you soon with an update…

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