Stats June 20, 2020

Day 9: B-School Odyssey! – Was My First Moneymaking Website Built?

Hi folks! I wanted to prepare for the GMAT and the CAT full time after leaving my job. However, I did not have any other source of income for my survival. Moreover, last month, I was overburdened with work by my managers with 3 levels in the hierarchy (My manager, my manager’s manager, and my manager’s manager’s manager). So definitely, I was looking for either a job switch (which was difficult in this Corona infected world + acquiring a new skill is a phase of transition and all transitions are relatively tough esp. for me as I also have my exams to prepare for) OR earning online with just 2 hours of daily effort. I decided to go with the later and as of today, I’ve got 3 domain registrations. So now the question is – was my first moneymaking website built? Well, let’s check it out.

I’ve been trying to work for earning at least $500 to $1000 a month, as a starting point, since May 20, 2020, and you’ll be surprised to know that until Friday, June 19th, I had not even earned a single dime! I kept looking for options online as I wanted to quit my job by June end. I was so impressed by a 2 hour YouTube video that I came across on Friday night that I decided to put in just 2 hours and replicate everything that was done on this YouTube video by Saturday morning and then get back to MBA prep. I purchased my new domain name and integrated it with my hosting account (this was also a part of that video). I was hoping to cruise through the video but a few setbacks hindered my progress as the video’s interface was not exactly the same as what I had on my screen. I literally had to re-do the entire work after making progress of about 26-27 minutes on the video.

Well, after the initial setback, I went ahead again with the video and soon stumbled upon PayPal integration for accepting payments. I wanted to accept payments anonymously too (just like I run this site anonymously) and THAT was the biggest roadblock for me on Saturday. I researched a lot on Google and finally found a way, after a lot of hit and trial. The solution, however, is yet to be implemented. The solution revolved around getting a Prepaid Internet Master Card (Do let me know if you guys would like to know more about the solution I got with Prepaid Internet Master Card).

I dropped an email to the company that was offering its service for a Prepaid Card and I’m still awaiting a response. Thus, my first moneymaking website is yet to be built.

As far as the target to earn a decent amount (or any amount for that matter) is concerned, I have not yet been able to make any income from any of the 3 websites I’m currently trying to setup/ trying to run. All that I can say about Day 9 of the B-School Odyssey is that it was not a day of study but of only trying to juggle between the possibilities of making money online. Trust me, it will need more time than you think!

I missed recording every single work session but the screenshot that you can see in the featured image tells the story and believe me that it was all related to trying to make money quickly – online.

I’d also like to mention that I got my DEMAT account closed with my bank. I’d treat this as an accomplishment as it was waiting for almost a year now.

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