Day 99: B-School Odyssey! Reverse Count – 44 Days Remaining…Disappointment…Regret…

Hi Folks! I did not study at all for the last 19 days – At least I can’t remember if I did. With just 44 days in hand till Oct 31st 2020, I think only 15 mocks can be taken now – 1 mock in 3 days.

Every morning of mine starts with a disappointment – that I could not wake up at 4 a.m. and didn’t start my studies by 4:30. I’m feeling so shameful to inform you that I wake up at round 8 a.m. everyday. If I can’t even get out of my bed with an urgency in my mind, how am I even seeing dreams with open eyes to do wonders in my life.

My so-called friends distanced themselves from me back in 2010 when I started to fall off my great academic record in my junior classes at school. I even lost someone whom I didn’t want to lose because of my poor performance right after my 11th grade. The pain of not being able to perform during that time is still bites me every time I think of those days. It wasn’t that I did not have a brilliant brain – it was only because I didn’t study with determination.

I think I am repeating the dreadful past once again – I soon have to get out to it. I’m still not over the insult I had to bear in my 11th, 12th and drop year (Yes, I had a gap in studies when I decided to drop an year for preparing for IIT-JEE). Even after dropping an year, with no coaching support during my drop year, I could not get into any of the IITs. I had to take an admission in a Private Engineering College through RPET which I never though for a student of my caliber.

It’s time that I remember the same pain and start studying now. I struggled a lot during the 1st year of my college and stood first there but the struggle in a tier 3 engineering college continued. Those were the years of guilt, pain and a lot of emotional suffering. I might tell you in detail how my 4 year odyssey was during my B.Tech.

Through God’s grace, I cleared the campus placement for Capgemini and I’m currently working in Capgemini only. I did not switch until now because I think switching the organization would result in a change of most things in my life – accommodation, schedule and people around me.

With only 44 days remaining, I should start using my forest app and should start studying. I don’t want to study from a mediocre college for my MBA. From now on, I’ll expect only excellence from myself.

  1. I’ll take this audacious challenge of completing at-least 15 mocks by Oct 31st and scoring 100 percentile in CAT 2020.
  2. I’ll only expect excellence from myself and mediocrity from others.
  3. I’ll learn and practice everything that I left so far, esp. tables, calculations and mock analysis & revisions.
  4. I’ll execute everything stated in the 3 points above.

I don’t have a second option apart from this.

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