The Mask Man’s Perfect 800 Challenge on the GMAT: Day 2

Hello friends and welcome to The Mask Man’s Perfect 800 Challenge on GMAT Challenge: Day 2!

One of my friends said that you need to be consistent with your preparation. Even if you had a very tough day, try sparing at least 30 minutes of your time for studies.

My Mom said in 2016 that I should study; if not a lot at least 2 hours in a day. If that is not possible at least 1 hour in a day and if that too is not possible at least 5-10 minutes a day. My Mom said if you can’t even spare 5-10 minutes, just open the book and read a few lines…

Thus, from the paragraphs above, it can be concluded that both my friend and my Mom valued the habit of studying daily – without even a single gap day.

Thus, today on the 16th of March 2021, I’ve decided that I’ll follow the words of my friend and my Mom.

I won’t go to bed before until I feel too drowsy…(also keeping in mind that I need to get up again at 7 a.m. in the morning)

Targets for today:

  1. Practice calculations
  2. Complete Mock analysis for the 1st Mock in 5 hours
  3. If possible, start with Quant Phase 1.

I’ll get back to you tomorrow after a few achievements. I’ll show you as to how many trees was I able to plant.

You can find my 1st Video for today here:

I’ll see you tomorrow with further updates…

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